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Finders Keepers - Chapter Two

Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter Two
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: NC-17 (To be safe)
POV: Third
Summary: Pete steps up his efforts in his conquest to own those he discovers.
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue.
Author Notes: Fall Out Boy are on a fictional tour with Cobra Starship, and perhaps The Academy Is... and the Gym Class Heroes.
Warnings: Dark themes, sexual references

Chapter One > http://community.livejournal.com/slashypunkboys/4521125.html#cutid1

Author's Note: So here is Chapter Two and Chapter Three is written but not yet typed. It's short I know, but what can you do. I could write a longer chapter, but you can do nothing. Hope you enjoy.


The first show that they play after Jade joins them is amazing.
Pete is still high on his new discovery and his crazy energy brings the rest of the band and the crowd up with him.
After they bid goodnight to the screaming crowd, Pete bounds backstage and wraps Jade in a tight hug. Patrick sees her tense as he walks past them, and thinks that Pete must feel it. Pete just draws back a little and asks her, “So what did you think?!”
Jade smiles, “You guys were fantastic,” she looks past Pete, at Patrick, “Patrick, your voice…”
Pete pulls her attention back to him, “It is awesome, isn’t it? I’m so glad I discovered him.”
Gabe bounds into the room then, congratulating them all on the great show.
“Thanks man,” Pete replies, “Have you met Jade?”
“I haven’t, nice to meet you, Jade” Gabe says. Jade smiles and responds in turn. Pete’s voice is a little louder than normal when he tells Gabe, “I discovered her.”
“Oh, a discovery” Gabe winks at Pete, and when he inquires about the band’s plan for the night Pete tells him to come to the bus later.

A few hours into the makeshift party on Fall Out Boy’s tour bus everyone is at different stages of drunk. Patrick watches Jade, she’s unfocused and unsteady, Pete has been plying her with Bacardi all night so it’s not much of a surprise that when he leans over to whisper in her ear, she doesn’t pull away this time.
The triumphant grin on Pete’s face is more than a little menacing and he pulls Jade onto his lap, holding her there tightly.

The party winds down in the early hours of the next morning and everyone who doesn’t live on the bus has left. Patrick had noticed that Pete has not let go of Jade for a second and has also been almost constantly supplying her with drinks. She’s so intoxicated and Patrick wants to say something when Pete leads her off to the bunks, but he keeps his mouth shut.
However, when Patrick is lying in his bunk he can’t escape the sighs and moans coming from the bunk above his.
It’s when the whimpers and cries of pain begin, that Patrick turns his iPod up as loud as it will go.
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