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Finders Keepers - Chapter Four

Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter Four
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: R
POV: Third
Summary: Patrick and Jade formulate a plan for revenge.
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue.
Author Notes: Another short chapter, but I hope those who were waiting for it enjoy it.
Warnings: Sexual references, dark themes, coarse language.

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Author's Note: So I've been getting some really nice comments on this story, as well as my icon which I'll just clear up that yes, it is lyrics from Emo Kid, and no, I did not make it. Credit goes to whoever did. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented and enjoy chapter four.


Patrick later finds Jade curled up at one end of the couch listening to the iPod that Pete insisted she should have. When Jade looks up and sees Patrick, she takes out the headphones and pats the couch next to her. Patrick sits down.
Jade leans a little closer to him, “Did you see Pete’s face when he saw us in the kitchen?”
Patrick looks at her questioningly.
“He was jealous! Very jealous” Jade explains.
Understanding dawns on Patrick’s face and Jade leans in to whisper, “It may not be the ideal plan, but making him jealous is good to start with. Now when’s your next show?”
Neither Patrick nor Jade notice Pete at the door of the lounge area, watching them through narrowed eyes as they huddle together and whisper. Pete turns and makes for the bunks with his Sidekick; a little contact with a discovery of completely unwavering loyalty was what he needed. He dials Ryan Ross.

Jade and Patrick have formulated the beginnings of their plan and Patrick feels more nervous that usual as he steps out on stage, as the plan will be set in motion starts tonight. They play another great show, Jade biting her lip as she watches from side of stage. It’s good enough so that the whole band is extra buzzed when they finished up.
They walk offstage and Patrick manages to reach Jade before Pete, grabbing her around the waist and crushing their lips together. Their kiss deepens a little, Jade licking at Patrick’s lips, salty with sweat. They part for air just in time to see Pete’s livid face and he stalks past them, Joe looks confused as he passes and Andy stops, “What are you guys doing? What about Pete?”
“He deserves it” Jade replies, her jaw set. Andy makes an “I’m not getting involved” face and walks on.
Patrick leans in to speak in Jade’s ear, the intimate gesture fitting, “That seems to have worked out well.”
“It’s not bad as far as revenge plans go. I think you were enjoying yourself” Jade smirks.
Patrick feels a little overheated and before he can stop himself, flicks his tongue over Jade’s ear, “You’re the one who tried to slip me the tongue.”
They look at each other for a moment, Jade pulls back, awkward, even blushing a little.
“Well, um, good job so far” she says and disappears backstage.
Patrick bites his lip.

Patrick is brushing his teeth when he feels a sharp pinch on the back of his neck.
“Ow! What the fuck?” he turns around and comes face to face with Pete. He does not look happy.
“That’s what I came to ask you” Pete hisses.
Patrick shrugs, trying for nonchalance, “What? It was one kiss.”
“You should no better, Patrick.”
“You can’t stop me kissing whoever I want” Patrick retorts.
Pete’s eyes gleam dangerously, “I guess we’ll see about that, won’t we?”
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