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Concerning Bad Blowjobs

Title: Concerning Bad Blowjobs
Author: winginblood
Pairing: Brian Haner (Synyster Gates)/Jonathan Seward (Johnny Christ) (Avenged Sevenfold)
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Brian's complaining. Johnny's not very sympathetic to his plight.
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not reflect the personal or professional lives of any real person portrayed herein.

“If you knew she was that bad at it then why the fuck would you hook up with her again?”

Johnny didn’t really want to hear any more, he’d been listening to Brian complain about how awful the blowjob had been in great detail for the last 20 minutes and had once again been reminded that there absolutely was such a thing as too much information, but he couldn’t help himself when Brian had let slip that it had been the same girl he’d hooked up with when they’d rolled through this town last year.

“Because I knew she was a sure thing and I couldn’t be fucked with having to waste time chatting someone up because we only had 30 minutes to bus call. And I figured she would have got some practice in and got better by now,” Brian grumbled in response.

“Almost the entire female population of our audience is a sure thing as far as you’re concerned,” Johnny scoffed. “When was the last time you needed to put in any effort to chat one of them up before they’re practically laying themselves out on a plate for you?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Quit complaining. At least you got off.”

Brian didn’t respond with words, just narrowed his eyes and glared at Johnny when he started laughing.

“Oh my god! All those girls out there just begging for a piece of your ass and you pick the one that....that can’t even...” Johnny’s laughter over took him for a moment as his gaze slid down Brian’s body. He was clutching at his side, his ribs sore with laughter, as he started to stand. “Oh this is too good. You’re still fucking hard.”

“It’s not fucking funny.”

“It so fucking is,” Johnny managed around his continuing giggles as he got to his feet and began edging his way around the central table and past Brian so that he could get to the door that separated the back lounge from the rest of the bus.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Brian asked suspiciously, pretty sure he already knew the answer as it was exactly what he would be doing if their roles were reversed, and glaring up at Johnny as he squeezed past him.

“Yeah, like I’m not gonna tell the others,” was Johnny’s sarcastic response, and Brian’s suspicions were confirmed. “Fuck, she didn’t even have the brain to figure out to use her hand on what she couldn’t take or play with your balls or some fucking thing and yet you still let her....”

Before he really knew what he was doing Brian was on his feet and grabbing at Johnny’s shoulder, spinning him around and pushing him against the flimsy door. His hands shifted to take a hold of Johnny’s wrists when he tried to push him away and dragged them above Johnny’s head to better pin him to the door. “Like you could have done better.”

Johnny tilted his head back and looked up at Brian defiantly. “You better believe it. I got skills you know nothing about.”

“Prove it!”

Johnny swallowed hard, wide eyes staring up at Brian towering over him and filling his field of vision. He could feel Brian’s hard cock pressing into his hip and so help him he was getting hard himself. He was trying to tell himself that it was just a natural reaction to what they’d been talking about, something that was unavoidable with the friction caused as he squirmed a little to get away from Brian’s grasp, a delayed reaction to the excitement and adrenaline from the show they’d played. Anything to avoid the fact that it was anything to do with the way Brian seemed to be deadly serious in his request.

He couldn’t quite believe Brian was serious though and that allowed him to push just a little more, certain that Brian wouldn’t be able to keep up the pretence much longer and would just laugh. He smiled and let his tongue flick out to wet his lips, shifting his hips deliberately as he lifted his head from the door until his mouth was only millimetres from Brian’s. “In your dreams.”

Brian didn’t think, simply closed the gap and crushed his lips against Johnny’s, smiling into the kiss when he heard the surprised noise from Johnny. It didn’t last long until Brian pulled away, not because it was bad, as after his initial surprise Johnny turned out to be a hell of a good kisser, but purely because the angle wasn’t quite right for comfort. He tilted his head as he looked down at Johnny, a questioning look in his eyes.

Hedonist that he was, when he wasn’t at home Brian didn’t usually much care how he got off, or who might be around to help him, only that he did. This was different though, this was Johnny and that changed everything. Brian had never seen him like this before, a slight flush staining his cheeks as he stood there open mouthed and panting ever so softly, his eyes wide and curious. Never imagined he could look so fucking irresistible

Johnny’s mouth opened further, to draw breath or say something, he wasn’t quite sure, and Brian was helpless to stop himself taking advantage, crashing their lips together again, harder and with more intent this time, his tongue pushing its way into Johnny’s mouth.

It was all so unexpected, so fucking good, that Johnny couldn’t help but react, kissing back with everything he had. He whimpered into it, his body going slack and his thoughts spinning when Brian’s hips pushed into his.

It was only when he could breathe again, when Brian’s mouth left his and instead began feathering kisses along his jaw and down his neck, that Johnny began to question what they were doing. Not so much that he was with a guy but that the guy was Brian. Fucking Brian! Because he was also thinking about the fact that they both had girls back home. And sure they had permission to fuck around some on tour but, while it had never been expressly forbidden, Johnny was pretty sure that permission did not extend to friends and bandmates. That way feelings lay and that was definitely not allowed.


Brian lifted his head, smiling with the thought that he’d got Johnny so worked up already that he’d lost the ability to say his name, and he could see it there in Johnny’s eyes, that uneasy, unsure, anxious look he used to get sometimes. The look Brian hadn’t seen for years, not since they stopped with the actual physical side of the teasing and, yeah, alright, bullying they had put the youngest of them through since even before he joined the band.

And suddenly Brian wasn’t so sure that Johnny wants this. Maybe he wants it but he doesn’t want it want it. Maybe it’s not his name that Johnny had been breathlessly stammering over and trying to say for the last few seconds. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

Because they know each others safe words. Not in any kind of deliberate, ‘You need to know this just on the off chance we try something and I don’t like it’, kind of a way as the idea of fucking one of his bandmates hadn’t entered Brian head until five minutes ago. It’s just the kind of shit that comes up when you’re drunk and bored on the bus at 4 in the morning. And, while Brian had thought that Johnny’s word was hysterically stupid and had taken about 30 minutes to pick himself up from the floor he was laughing that hard when he heard it, he also thinks it makes a kind of fucked up sense as he knows how much Johnny hates green vegetables.

Brian pulled away slightly, his grip on Johnny’s wrists easing up fractionally but he didn’t let go yet, and he stared intently at Johnny’s face. “Broccoli?”

Johnny wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, why he was trying to stop this happening. If he was trying to stop it happening. He had never consciously thought about it, never dreamt about it that he could remember. And yet, now the offer was there, holy fuck did he want Brian. Want him in him, on him, under him, so far down his throat he couldn’t fucking breathe, any fucking way Brian wanted. And yet... He was also fucking terrified.

He needed to think, needed to breathe, needed to be sure. Needed to have Brian get him off right fucking now. Needed to not be nodding in confirmation that, yes, he had been trying to use his safe word because he totally hadn’t. And yet, at the same time, he had been.

Brian could see it all, see the desire, the confusion, the lust, and the self doubt, reflected in Johnny’s eyes. Could see that if he kept going and kissed Johnny again then they’d be well back on their way to being naked and grinding up against each other soon enough. But safe words were fucking sacred and the fact that Brian was harder than he has been in months was irrelevant. Safe words had to be respected, no questions asked and no recriminations, or what was the fucking point of them?

He smiled softly, sadly, as he released Johnny’s wrists and stepped back from him. “Okay,” he said quietly, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice. “We’re still cool though, right? this never happened?”

Johnny nodded slowly. “Yeah...yeah, of course.” There was a reluctance to his agreement because a huge part of him still wanted to let things take their course and find out what would happened but he knew Brian was right. It was better this way. “Sorry. I just...I don’t...I can’t...”

“Don’t.” Brian cut off whatever else Johnny was trying to say. “You don’t need to try to explain. I get it. There’s lines we shouldn’t even go near and we just got way too fucking close.”

“Umm, yeah. Something like that.” Johnny looked down at his hands, twisting his wrists slowly when he realised he could still feel Brian’s fingers around them. He looked back up sharply and reached behind himself to open the door. “So I’m just gonna go. We should probably...”

“Yeah, sure.” Brian stepped back to give Johnny a bit more room. “Think I’ll stay here and watch a movie or something.”

“Okay. I’m just gonna get some sleep. So I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

“I guess you will.” Brian watched Johnny leave but called out to him just before the door closed. “Johnny?”

Johnny poked his head around the door again. “Yeah?”

“You still gonna tell them about that girl?”

Johnny grinned and it was in that moment that Brian began to believe that maybe they were going to be alright. “What girl?”
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