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Movie Night

Title: Movie Night
Author: winginblood
Pairing: Brian Haner (Synyster Gates)/Zack Baker (Zacky Vengeance) (Avenged Sevenfold)
Rating: R (for language)
Summary: “Please tell me you are not watching Toy Story. That’s a fucking kids movie.”
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not reflect the personal or professional lives of any real person portrayed herein.
A/N: I was watching Toy Story 3 over the Christmas holidays and this happened. I figured I might as well post it.

“Please tell me you are not watching Toy Story. That’s a fucking kids movie.”

Zack’s eyes lifted and he tilted his head back to see over the back of his seat, frowning a little at Brian’s question. Very occasionally he regretted giving Brian his own key. “I’m in my own fucking house so I can watch whatever I fucking want. What the fuck are you doing here anyway? Movie night was cancelled when Matt declared me toxic and out of bounds 'til I’m not contagious anymore.”

“Don’t take it out on me ‘cause he turns into a fucking germophobe the month before tour. And stop being a grumpy fuck and changing the subject. Why the fuck are you watching Toy Story?”

“Am not,” Zack insisted as he turned back around and settled in his seat.

“Am not what? Am not a grumpy fuck or am not watching a fucking kid’s movie?”

Zack’s eyes narrowed as he deliberately didn’t watch Brian come further into his home movie theatre and stand beside him. He was feeling like shit, temperature high, throat feeling like it was full of sharp gravel every time he tried to swallow a mouthful of the now abandoned bowl of chicken soup on the table at his side, nose red and sore, half empty box of tissues on the table beside him, and he was just so not in the mood for Brian judging him over his choice of movie. “Both.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong but is that not a 10 foot high cartoon cowboy doll and astronaut toy right there on the screen? It sure as fuck looks like Toy Story to me.”

“Shows what you know, asshole. It’’s...” Zack had to break off, hand flapping and grasping at his side for yet another tissue as his body tensed in anticipation and then convulsed as he sneezed. He wiped at his nose then threw the tissue down to join the others at the base of his chair. He swallowed painfully before continuing. “It’s Toy Story 3, you dumb fuck.”

“Oh well that makes all the difference doesn’t it?”

Zack looked up at Brian, wanting to stay pissed off but not really finding the energy, or the will, when confronted with his smile, and sighed. He knew it was ridiculous for a grown man to be sitting in the dark and watching this movie on his own but the truth was he was feeling like crap, couldn’t get comfortable in his bed or anywhere else in his house when his very bones were aching, and it had already been in the machine since his nephew’s last visit. He simply couldn’t be fucked with the effort of changing the movie. “Whaddya want, Brian? Why’re you here?”

Brian shrugged, completely unable to articulate just exactly why he was in Zack’s house at the moment as he wasn’t really sure himself. Sure he’d been looking forward to movie night with the guys, they hadn’t all been together for a couple of weeks and he always got a little antsy when that happened, so used to being around them practically 24/7 for a large part of nearly half his life. But that didn’t really explain why he’d blown off Matt’s suggestion of a few beers with him and the others instead. Or why he’d lied to Matt about staying home to work on getting the new songs they would be playing on tour perfect. “I just thought you might want some company. Being sick sucks.”

Zack smiled weakly. “Alright. Sit the fuck down then and shut up.”

Brian grinned and turned to walk towards the DVD player.

“Nuh-uh. Leave it alone. I’m 30 minutes into this now and I wanna see what happens.”

Brian turned back around and stared at Zack a moment before shrugging again, moving instead to grab a beer from the small fridge in the corner. “You want one?”

“No. It hurts too much to swallow,” Zack replied miserably.

It was Brian’s turn to frown as he crossed the room again, the fact of Zack not wanting a beer underlining just how sick he was, and he petted absentmindedly at Zack’s hair before he squirmed and wormed his way onto the seat that Zack was already occupying until Zack was forced to lift up enough to let Brian beneath him, both of them fidgeting around a little more until they settled comfortably with Zack mostly in Brian’s lap, his head resting on Brian’s shoulder and Brian’s arms hugging him loosely around his waist.

Zack smiled gently, eyes staying fixed firmly on the screen. “There are other chairs in here you know?”

Brian tilted his head enough to let it rest on the top of Zack’s. “Yeah, I know. This one is the comfiest though.”

Zack rolled his eyes and scoffed, lifting his leg and stretching out his bare foot to kick and point at the identical chair next to the one they were in. The one that they had somehow both ended up sitting in last movie night although not quite this close. “That’s what you said about that one last month.”

“Hmmm, really? Can’t imagine why I would have said that,” Brian replied, shifting a little and tightening his arms. “Clearly this is the best one.”

Zack wasn’t sure how to respond, wasn’t sure exactly what the fuck was happening or what Brian was up to. He was fairly sure he was still fucking with him somehow and so didn’t say anything else about it, just settled down to watch the movie once he’d got Brian caught up with what had happened so far.

Zack hadn’t been aware that he had fallen asleep until he opened his eyes to He pulled away a little, surprised to find he’d moved around in his sleep and was now completely curled up on Brian’s lap and his face had been buried in his neck. Well that was embarrassing. And kinda nice, but he wasn’t going to think about that. “Fuck, sorry Bri, I didn’t mean to...” He tried to shift away as he spoke only to be stopped by Brian’s hands, one in his hip and the other on his head and in his hair, pulling him back down to rest against Brian’s shoulder again.

“’S’ok, I don’t mind. The movie’s almost over. Just wait.”

Zack smiled as he settled back down, content to just lay there and relax for a few moments longer until he heard the music that signified the end credits beginning to roll and Brian moved a little. And, more alarmingly, sniffed. Fuck, he’d caught the bug that Zack had.

Zack’s head jerked up and away from Brian’s shoulder, his mouth opening to apologise. The words changed when he saw unmistakeable tracks on Brian’s cheeks. “Are you crying?”

Brian kept his eyes focused on the screen as best he could and blinking rapidly. “It was a sad movie. And fucking scary when they were all in that waste disposal place. I thought they were all gonna die.”

Zack smiled softly and lifted his hand to Brian’s jaw and turned his face until he looked at him. “But I thought it was only a stupid fucking kid’s movie?”

“I never said it was stupid.” Brian grinned, happy that Zack seemed to be feeling better and was smiling again. And reluctant to let him out of his arms, but he wasn’t going to think about that. “Wanna watch another one?”
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