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This is Absolve ☨ Burn

It is here you'll find a Catholic co-ed university on the outskirts of Amsterdam in Europe. Not too far away is a club that goes against everything the school teaches... and yet, so many find themselves there. Are you on the search for hedonistic enlightenment or are you just curious? Or perhaps you've been tricked there or are rebelling... Whatever it may be, Club Absolution can help you find your purpose... if not more. Do you dare to Absolve and Burn? Do you dare to enter the four story club? Do you dare to face down fantasies even YOU didn't know you had? Are you ready to sin?
Are you ready to go to Hell?

This is The Victorian Cure

RP:Any gender or race. Victorian World is bleak and staggered with madness in the asylums and supernatural beings to run amok in the world. Courtesans please customers, whores walk the streets, horrors around every corner! Come one, come all!!!

This is Victorian England... Where the Queen hails above all and madness is among us. Try to get by the best way you can. Fight tooth and nail. Or, be a supernatural being and rule the world from behind closed doors. Host extravagant parties, enjoy the company of whores and Courtesans but beware the madness among women... Any woman. Beware the wrath of the supernatural. You never know what's going to rain down on your head.

Just opened boards. Looking for members! ANYONE can be part of the fun. Do you have a JaeJoong muse? Join! An Edward Cullen Muse? Join! A Jackie Chan Muse? JOIN!

We allow Muses and characters from movies. In both forums. Very open world. A lot of things to do RP wise.

Come check it all out! :D
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