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For some reason the fact that Heath now looks like Dave Grohl amuses me alot. Also, the fact Heath sounds like the noise a cat makes.

Anyway, I'm attempting to actually type up some stories I have in my notebook from a couple of years ago. Go about making a few changes, doing some major editing, ect. and I found a Midtown fic. I don't remember even writing it but I've got eleven chapters so it has to be worth something.

Title: Perfect
Author: xforgetmenotsx
Pairing: Gabe / Heath (of Midtown fame)
Rating: pretty pg-13 for the the most part.
Disclaimer: If I knew or owned them I wouldn't be here...and Heath would look like himself circa Save the World....
Summary: Heath is obsessed with Gabe but all he ever gets is Gabe's little mind games.

There I was again. watching. I was always watching and wanting. But did i ever get. No. Not once, not ever. It was okay I guess. At least I got to watch. So beautiful, so amazing. I was completely memorized by the way the droplets of water trickled from the tips of his hair and onto his body. What I would give to be just one of those drops of water. All so that I could have the joy of knowing that my life was spent on something so miraculous, so beautiful. I can see nothing better then spending the rest of a short life just making my way slowly down his body. Feeling his soft, sweet skin under me. Then to just wash away with the rest whole were lucky enough to bask in those few seconds of pure joy. Then to wash away and die in a place where he could not hurt me like I know he can.the way I've sen him hurt the others. But here I am watching, something I knew I shouldn't be doing but I couldn't help myself. No one can stop when they want something as much as I want him; as much as we all knew I wanted him. As always, though, there would never be room for me, so I just stood there in the shadows and silence as

it had to be. I couldn't be found. Him discovering me there would bring everything crashing down. But part of me wanted to get caught. Who knew what would happen if he did. after all could happen for the better. As he'd come closer and closer my legs would shake to the point were I felt I would cave in. He'd look into my eyes with his that were as deep as the ocean and smile. He'd pull my close against he's wet body and tell me not to be scared, that I was safe as long as he was there with me. My lips how they would quiver as his came closer. Then finally we would meet. His kiss was soft to the touch but would get intense and full of lost as the time went one. He'd pull away and a smile once more. Then he would...
I have to stop myself. there was no reason to lie to myself. That would never happen. I was not and will never be the one who brings those flames into his eyes I would always see when he was with her. I was just here. Here to do nothing more to watch and want.

"Nice eh." a voice breathed from behind me. I felt as if i was going to jump out of my skin ten feet into the air. "Very nice looking if I do say so. Too bad you'll never know what it's really like kiddo." I could feel her hot breath against my neck again. "If you get caught here you know it's going to be the end of everything. Now we wouldn't want that." I looked down at my feet.

"No Stacie."

"Good Heath." a smirk came to her face as she kissed my forehead and then she pushed me out into the hallway. "Now be a good boy and go out and play. I've got everything under control here." She shot me another one of her disgusting smiles as she walked into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Stacie was like an airplane crash, everything was fine then suddenly everything you knew is nothing and that nothing you know will soon be gone as you hit the ground. She made all my dreams end causing me to plummet to a cold reality. And reality wasn't a place I wanted to be, it only let you have one dream at a time. So how it felt me and Gabe couldn't fit in the life i lived. It needed Angie there to keep everything in a cruel balance. I hated reality hence I hated Angie. To me she was just another groupie here for a free ride. But Gabe couldn't see that and that the way it always was.
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