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Title: What "best friends" means to me..
Fandom: uhm, Straylight Run/Brand New [John Nolan/Jesse Lacey]
Category: drama/murder ?
Rating: R
Dedications: Melissa __daretodream and Melissa's alone.
Summary: "Best friend means I pulled the trigger. Best friends means you get what you deserve."
Notes: My first fanfic involving John and Jesse. Uhm, not much to say about it. There isn't really too much of a plot if you ask me but hey, whatever. You have to like it because I'm already pretty happy with how it turned out. I mean, I could have turned out better.. I know that but, I still think it turned out okay.

"Leave me alone, Jesse." My voice is stern but fake. I'm saying it but everyone who has half a brain knows I don't mean it. I step backwards a few steps until I feel the wall slowly rap it's non-existent arms around me. The cold dug hard and fast through my shirt. Instantly making my hair stand on end. i kept my eyes on your shoes.

"We both know this isn't what you want. I made a mistake and I admitted it, what more do you want?" I see your left shoe lift and step closer, dragging the right one behind it.

"pfft." is the sound that comes out between my lips as the air is forced between them. Breaking their hug. I stumble a little to the right as I search for things to say. I feel tears prick at my eyes and my chest grows heavier. "what more do I want.." i mutter your words back at you. "what more do I want?! what more do I want?!" I stare you straight in the eyes as my tone gets heavier with emotion.

"Yes, Johnny, tell me what more do you want?" Your words are soaked with sarcasm and painted with faux concern.

My eyes dash back and forth searching for the right words. Searching for the words that'll make me seem intelligent and sarcastic about this situation. "Just..just fucking get out of here. I don't care anymore. Leave me alone." .. that was the best I could come up with? pathetic.

I felt you rush at me and pin be back against the wall like a tiger over it's prey. I couldn't really see the emotion in your eyes with only moonlight coming into the house. I could see your lips, though. They grew tight over your teeth as you spat, "If I hadn't know you since I was five years old I'd think you were serious, Johnny Boy. If only you weren't such a baby. You think drinking makes you one tough sonofabitch, don't you? DON'T YOU?!" You sniffled and let go of me and turned around like you were going to walk out. I watched you raise your arm and wipe your nose on your sleeve.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground and my cheek stung like mad. You were over top of me screaming, "I'll show the you the damage a sober man can do!" over and over. You used your clenched fist you beat my sides. Like a butcher using a tenderizer to tenderize his meat. I thought I was going to die. My chest was heavy from wanting to cry and now this..

"All those nights.. all those fucking nights and it all resorts to this. All those drunken fights and nights spent screaming at eachother..all those fucking nights, John. All those fucking nights led to this. Are you ready? Are you fucking ready? We started something we couldn't finish, John.. Are you ready to see what best friends mean to me?"

Just as soon as you jumped on me you got up. I fought through the pain and managed to squint to see what you were doing. You were rummaging though the desk drawer next to the couch. Paper were flying everywhere. All I could see was something oddly shaped..

and it was pointing straight at me.

I could hear the metal clicking together. Your whole body was visibly shaking. I quickly tried to get up. I leaned back on my elbows and tried to crab-crawl myself away but quickly found myself in way too much pain to go anywhere.

"B..bes..t.. f..fri..ends..s... means I pulled the trigger. Means I pulled the fucking trigger, John! Means I pull the fucking trigger and leave you bleeding to death on the floor of this fucking house. The house which holds all of our fucking memories. All those memories are going to die right along with you. They're going to die, John. You're going to die.."

I heard a loud ear-piercing boom which left my ears ringing and even piercing pain in my left torso. I fell back on the ground and grabbed my wound. I gasped for oxygen. Oxygen that was surrounding my body. The oxygen that was turning my blood from blue to red. The blood that was leaving my body.

I wasn't in the dark anymore. I could see Jesse and I running down the street after the ice cream truck. We couldn't be any older than ten.

"I only have fifty cents, Jesse. The ice cream cone is seventy five cents.."

"Don't worry, John, I'll share mine with you."

I watched Jesse purchase that ice cream and offer me the first bite. "We'll always be best friends, John."

We'll always be best friends, John."
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