August 17th, 2003

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Title: What "best friends" means to me..
Fandom: uhm, Straylight Run/Brand New [John Nolan/Jesse Lacey]
Category: drama/murder ?
Rating: R
Dedications: Melissa __daretodream and Melissa's alone.
Summary: "Best friend means I pulled the trigger. Best friends means you get what you deserve."
Notes: My first fanfic involving John and Jesse. Uhm, not much to say about it. There isn't really too much of a plot if you ask me but hey, whatever. You have to like it because I'm already pretty happy with how it turned out. I mean, I could have turned out better.. I know that but, I still think it turned out okay.

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hi. i kind of just joined this. betterthangreat told me i should post this, so.. i don't know how well it'll go over. anyway:

title: me vs. maradona vs. elvis
date written: august 17, 2003
category: brand new fanfiction
themes: songfic. jesse/random character made for this story.
rating: R
complete?: complete.
chapters: standalone
comments: based on the song "me vs. maradona vs. elvis" -- BASED on it.

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This Is my first fanfic/slash involving a band.
Pairing: Ken/Matt (The Starting Line)
Rating: R
Subject Matt is a scorned love set on revenge.
1/5 If you all like this one
Dedicated to: watt_you_want
Song used: Me vs. Mardona vs. Elvis- Brand New

Enjoy, and read and respond!!!
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