February 4th, 2004

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Title: Jynx
Rating: Meh, NC-17, why not...
Pairing: Matt/Tony...er...Jere's in there too...but...aw screw it
Disclaimer: You know the drill...don't know or own anyone or anything
Summary: Tony and Matt get bored

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vampire fic

I'm looking for a vampire fic. I know It had Mike and Chester from LP and Tony had Joel and Benji as his pets. I thought I bookmarked it but I can't find it. Anyone know where it is? or any other gc/mest vampire fics.
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sit n spin

how about another twincest?

Title: Take It To The Grave
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Benji/Joel
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. In simpler terms, this is NOT REAL.
Summary: You made me promise to take it to the grave...
Author's Note: This wasn't easy for me to do, and it's not my usual kind of story... It in NO WAY reflects why their father really left them. This was just an idea I had talked to someone about, and he said I should just write it. After all, it's only another slash.

Dedication: To my new muse, Ryan, for the ideas and dirty thoughts he puts in my head, and for humoring me by reading ALL of "ATY" before I told him it was mine =X
Love you like a hemorrhoid! <3

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I need a subject.... thing... ehck...

Title: Six Minutes: The Very First Date.
Disclaimer: Don’t know, don’t own, never happened, permission less.
Rating/Pairing: Slutty Jere, Bad Ass Matt. !NC-17! YAY!
FYI: I finished it! Thank you so much to Kayla and blacksheepmofo and her sister, right? Yeah, they didn’t end up helping-helping, but just offering to help and trying to follow through was very nice. You know what happened to me? My computer had a freak out and wouldn’t load windows and it took me a good thirty minutes to get it working again. But that was thirty minutes of all my stories erased. It was horrible. I need some… hugs. *shudders* ERASED I TELL YOU! ERASED! Anyway, the story sort of sucks, but the sex is great… (that’s actually a nice description of my life. ^_~ ) R&R!

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sit n spin

who needs a good laugh???

Title: Electric Baby
Rating: NC-17(sorta... it's got a dildo in it! lol)
Pairing: Tony/His Dildo
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. In simpler terms, this is NOT REAL Lyrics used belong to MEST.
Summary: Tony writes a love song to his dildo.

Dedication: To Andie, lmao, cause she is the only person who knows WHY I wrote this! <3

Author's Note: I wrote this in like five minutes, so it sucks structure wise, but after that last twincest I posted, I figured I owe y'all a good laugh now! <3

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Wave left &#39;em at Pierre&#39;s last night....

Simple Plan

# Title: Miss You
# Pairing: Chuck/Patrick
# Rating: PG-13 - R
# Warnings: Utter fluff. Might be bad for the teeth. Sickeningly sweet slash that will likely leave cavities.
# Summary: A quiet moment at Pat's house.
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Oneshot fanfic. Takes place right before tour started up.

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R/R Please :D This is the first thing I've written since October and I feel weird posting it. One-shot. Although I MIGHT continue a subplot with this setting. Depends on when I get in a humourous mood.
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Anti-Flag -- future monks

Heh -- I'm writing this fic about uh...Anti-Flag and it's a chapter fic. Yeah, well, I was wondering if anyone could beta it for me because I tend to be VERY descriptive and I mess up on grammar [[especially commas]]. So if you are interested, you could post here.

Thank you -- pippin

[[oh -- and I have the first two parts handwritten, but I have to type them up. Ack, I hate typing.]]
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Benj hearts Joel.


Can someone please refer me to some good Tony/Jere action? I've been searching all afternoon and only just came to this community for the first time ever (very good shit by the way). But, i haven't been able to find much of Tony/Jere so if you have a favourite fic surrounding that pairing, or know of an author who prefers that pairing, then please post a comment now.

Thanks kids
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oberst anyone?

Summary: This is going to be one of those annoyingly long chapter fics. I am so bad at this summary thing...but i think the first chapter will give you a good idea what its going to be about.
Pairings: Conor Oberst/Tim Kasher, Conor Oberst/Adam Lazzara, also has Jesse Lacey and Geoff Rickly in it.

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Title: I've Got A Confession
Pairing: David/Billy/OMC
Warnings: Rape, some violence, happy ending.
Summary: David wants Billy, but Billy's already taken... [SP/GC Crossover]

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Wave left &#39;em at Pierre&#39;s last night....

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Looking for some Simple Plan fic, and ANYTHING BUT David/Pierre.

Not only is that pairing sickeningly overdone, but it's jsut plain sickening and improbable. For me at least. I get why people are so drawn to it, I suppose :[

Sigh. Any suggestions? Because it seems that that pairing is about all that's out there, for the majority, anyway.

((P.s. If you have a GJ and like Simple Plan slash, I have a community that needs members if you're interested. Just look at my journal.))
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your sins into me-ch. 17

Title:Your Sins Into Me
Chapter: ((17))Our Friends Speak Out In Our Defense
Disclaimer:Don't own. Only this entirely fictional plot is all mine deviated by my entirely screwed up head.
Summary: Benji's musings of love, life, and realizations. Inevitability. That's all there is to it. Moving to a new town, meeting new people who turn your world upside down, realizing feelings for him, getting crushed. Teenagers.

Previous chapters:


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Woah quick update. I just felt like writing the story. This is yet another shorter chapter, but at least it's *something* right?

Title: Second Rate

Author: Lonely_nothing

Pairings: Matt/Jere, Jere/Tony

Disclaimer: Don't own, not true. FICTION

Summary: So stupidly unlikely, it will make your brain implode.

Involves a correctional facility.

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