July 17th, 2004

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Title: Just Kidding
Band: Fall Out Boy [Pete/Joe]
Genre: slash
Rating: NC-17
Type: Standalone
Summary: “He probably thinks I’m G-A-Y,” [Pete] Wentz says, laughing. “Like, ‘Look at that fag with his red hair and his women’s jeans…’” He pauses, and looks over at [Joe] Trohman. “‘And his boyfriend.'”
Disclaimer: Quote above comes from AP’s 193 issue (Aug 2004) in the Fall Out Boy interview on page 92. Therefore, I don’t own anything.
Author’s note: This was way too good to pass up… Set itself up. I'm really proud of this one; I like it a lot.
Warnings: m/m, graphic sex, adult language

Just Kidding

last post before vacation =]
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I'm really sorry to whoever was reading this before, this has taken so long to write, first my computer messed up and then I got side-tracked writing something else, all that annoying stuff.

So whoever is still interested in this here, finally, is Chapter 4 of Where is Your Boy Tonight?

Title: Where is Your Boy Tonight
Pairing: Eventually Billy/Benji
Disclaimer: Not owning, the only thing that's mine is the plot.
Notes: Previous chaps are in my journal

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I'm sure this has been posted before, but we're somewhat desperate

Sorry if this is off-topic!


What it is: A new celebrity/slash role playing community. We are in desperate need of new members. We don't have a lot of the most popular characters yet, so that would be one reason to head on over there and join before all the good seats are taken ;)

We're not picky at all about who you can join as, just as long as you read the rules and review the list of taken characters and whatnot.

If you have ANY questions or concerns about joining, please don't hesitate to IM me at TDAWGSAYWHUT. I would be happy to help anyone that needs help getting started.

If you guys would help us out in our search for new members, it would be so much appreciated, you have no idea. Again, sorry if this is off-topic!

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Title: Lull me to Sleep
Author: squeedums...moi blind_by_fear Jesse<333
Pairing: can be anybody, really...no names mentioned
Rating:...PG(hints of death and such)
Summary: ughn...not good at these
Disclaimer: I didn't write the song... but the idea was mine...and the 'word document' was mine too...but, yeah...

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