August 20th, 2004


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I know I do this a lot, but I'm advertising a new rp. It's over at greatest journal, so you can have as many icons as you want, and you can be practically whoever you want.
Only a few roles are taken, and we'd really like for some more people to join.

so come on down to Coolest Kids and make me a happy girl.

Thank you.

Follow the butterflies!

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For some reason the fact that Heath now looks like Dave Grohl amuses me alot. Also, the fact Heath sounds like the noise a cat makes.

Anyway, I'm attempting to actually type up some stories I have in my notebook from a couple of years ago. Go about making a few changes, doing some major editing, ect. and I found a Midtown fic. I don't remember even writing it but I've got eleven chapters so it has to be worth something.

Title: Perfect
Author: xforgetmenotsx
Pairing: Gabe / Heath (of Midtown fame)
Rating: pretty pg-13 for the the most part.
Disclaimer: If I knew or owned them I wouldn't be here...and Heath would look like himself circa Save the World....
Summary: Heath is obsessed with Gabe but all he ever gets is Gabe's little mind games.

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Title: untitled (for now)
Author: I (mest_up_kid27)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Matt/Tony
Disclaimer: dont know dont own never happened
Description: tony starts to think all this meaningless sex has a deeper meaning... maybe it leads on to something more.

this will ultimately lead on to many chapters... i think.

Girl For Tonight

Hotel Room

It's Over

Shell Of Myself

I Melt With You

Wasting My Time

Say So Long

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Title: Swing Swing
Band(s): Mest
Rating: Eventually NC-17
Pairing(s): Matty/Miah, Miah/Tony
Summary: Jeremiah is shy art student at the prestigious La Guardia school of the art in NYC. Matt is a sexy dance student, into Swing and the glamour of the city.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them…-sigh- life is so cruel! But anyways, this never happened...I can only wish.
Dedication: minion<3, and jared, my gaylover<3.
Notes: I'm in a bad mood =( someone hug me?

previous chapters in my journal.
Chapter 9 - Call and Return
it's friends only, comment to be added =) isn't paranoia fun?

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Title- Genetics Will Do That To You- Chapter Two
Author- Me aka Kristin
Bands- Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run
Rated- PG 13ish, for right now anyway.
Disclaimer- I don't own anyone, no matter how much I wish I did. In other words, this is as fake as Natalie.
Summary- Jesse finally gets a date with the girl of his dreams. But he ends up falling for...her brother?

Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I think I got most of them, but there still might be a few....

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Can anyone make an icon for me?
I will love you forever and will credit you.

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Okay, well, what I want is a close up of Benji's face, then a close up of the hands clasped together, then a close up of the little girls face. Then at the end, a black screen with red lettering that says, "Huh. I always thought Joel was the pedophile".

{the close ups don't have to be too close up if it comes out pixelated or whatnot.}


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