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First Co-Mod Post.

What up guys? If you don't already know I'm Whitney the co-mod. I'm Jo's right hand woman, snipper extraordinaire. Just kidding about the snipper part. Or am I? *shifty eyes* Anyway I've been around for like almost two years I think? I'm pretty much a lurker and only post icons that I make. But I'm so excited to be helping with this awesome community. I've been going through the archives and did you guys know that this comm has officially been around for almost seven years? The first real post was in Sept. 2001. In the beginning it was only really intro posts and pictures but it was still a comm about our favorite punk boys loving each other. Seven years is a long time. I hope this comm keeps going for seven more.

Anyway, I like to run off topic. Things distract me easily. What I'm really posting about is I'd like someone to help me do archiving. Our normal archiver is MIA and I'm so overwhelmed with the years and years of stories that need to be put in the memories of the comm. I'd like ONE person to help me. Jo said she would but poor Team Jo is down and out for the count. Shes sick and she doesn't need to worry about archives. I'm starting over from the beginning of the comm and working my way back because I've found no rhyme or reason to how the archiving was originally done. I just check every entry on every calender day and see if it was archived already. It it was then I'd go onto the next day. This is long and tedious work. The last year that was done was, I think, 2005. But they missed stories, hence why I'm starting over. If you want to help and have the time. I mean TIME. Like hours a day to dedicate to this then please comment here. If you chose to help me I hope to get this finished in the next couple of weeks.

Please comment with your email address and how many hours a day you can dedicate to this. Thanks guys!
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