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Finders Keepers

Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter One
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: R
POV: Third
Summary: Pete has a knack for discovering talented people, but when he does, he wants to own them. Completely.
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue.
Author Notes: I'm not sure if this counts as AU...Andy is in the band from the start.
Warnings: Sexual references

Author's Note: The future of this story is somewhat unknown... I only have this chapter written so far and I'm planning to continue for at least a little while...
First chapter fic, can you tell?


The thing about Pete is he has an uncanny knack for finding people. People with talent; musical or otherwise.
The other thing about Pet is that once he finds a person he wants to keep them close, own them.
Patrick should know.

Pete found Patrick with the help of a friend, though he was the one to discover Patrick’s voice. He heard that voice and knew he had made another discovery.
Patrick was young, naïve, a little shy and more than a little star struck. Not that Pete was all that well known, but he easily overwhelmed people, especially those who he discovered, hypnotizing them with words of fame.
So Pete took Patrick on the road with two more of his discoveries. Andy, tattooed drummer extraordinaire and Joe, a fuzzy-haired guitar god in the making. Patrick was Pete’s golden boy, the discovery he was most proud of. He showed Patrick off to the world, saying “Look what I found.”
As it turned out, Patrick ended up in Pete’s bed almost as easily as he has ended up in the shitty van where Pete’s odyssey to fame began. Pete makes damn sure that Patrick knows exactly who he belongs to. He reminds him with bitten, bleeding lips and bruises from gripping tight.
It’s a fact, Patrick belongs to Pete.

It’s when they’re touring, in an impressive bus now, having outgrown the shitty van, that Pete discovers Jade.
He finds her during a rest stop in a random town in fuck-knows-where, closing the town’s only music shop for the night. She sings her heart out as she takes in signs and locks the door, it’s a song that Pete doesn’t recognize, but he knows that he’s made another discovery.
She’s young, only 20 or so, and Pete lures her back to the tour bus easily. He ignores the sting of the way she had stared blankly at him when he told her who he was, even when he mentioned the magic words ‘Fall Out Boy’. By the time they reach the bus, Pete knows that nothing is holding Jade to this town, she has nothing to lose.
Patrick sees them first and locks eyes with Pete, he’s a little older now, a little wiser, he knows Pete’s ways. But he still belongs to Pete.
“This is Jade,” Pete announces to his band, “I discovered her.” That’s the only conversation that is held about that fact that they leave the small, shitty town with Jade onboard.
Pete with a new discovery is like a kid with a new toy. Patrick watches, slightly uncomfortably, maybe jealous, as Pete tries to drape himself all over Jade and find out everything about her.
The thing about Jade, Patrick notes, is that she has a few similarities to Pete himself and Patrick wonders when Pete got that little bit more egotistical. She has dark hair, short and messy (Patrick later finds out that she cuts it herself) and she’s small, smaller than Pete and smaller that Patrick himself.

The other thing about Jade is that while she is completely sucked in by Pete’s promises of fame and shiny recording studios, she doesn’t seem to want the unspoken second half of the deal. She’s not fawning over Pete like his previous discoveries, including Patrick himself, who only need the attention from Pete to fall in love (or at least lust) with him. As Patrick watches, Jade tries to extract herself from Pete and it’s clear she’s only really listening to him when he’s talking about how people with pay for the privilege of hearing her sing, not the sly whispers that Pete brushes by her ear.
It’s very clear that Pete does not like this.
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