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Finders Keepers - Chapter Six

Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter Six
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Summary: Pete exacts some revenge
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue
Author Notes: Sorry it's been so long, guys.
Warnings: Sexual references, dark themes, a little coarse language.

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Author's Note: Sorry it took so long, but here's chapter six. I've written a couple more chapters already, so I should be able to update pretty soon.


Jade wakes up in the dark and realizes she is alone.
She sits up in the bed, fumbling for the lamp. Squinting in the sudden and seemingly violently bright light, Jade confirms that she is indeed the only one in the room. Muffled noises reach her ears and she gets up, following the sounds out of the hotel room to the door two rooms down.
The door is ajar and Jade is confused, she looks into the room and claps her hand over her mouth, staring. Pete is shirtless, straddling Patrick’s naked hips, leaning over him and pinning Patrick’s wrists to the bed over his head. Patrick is writhing beneath him, his face tortured. Pete’s lip curls and Jade unconsciously leans closer as he begins to speak.
“You will never fucking forget who you belong to again” Pete’s voice is chilling.
Patrick shakes his head, gasping, and for a split second, locks eyes with Jade. However, Pete notices and turns his head sharply towards the doorway, but there’s no one to be seen.

When Patrick limps back into his hotel room, the first thing he sees is Jade sitting on the bed, her knees pulled up to her chin. She looks smaller than ever as she looks up at Patrick and he crosses the room to sit beside her. He leans into her shoulder this time.

Its light when Jade wakes again to find herself lying back against Patrick’s chest. He’s still asleep, back against the headboard and his bottom lip has started to come up in bruises. Jade gets up, careful not to wake him. She arrives in the hotel room two doors down to be met by a smirking Pete Wentz.

“It was my idea.”
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