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Finders Keepers - Chapter Eight

Title: Finders Keepers
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: R (if that)
POV: Third
Summary: Patrick and Jade put an important part of their plan into motion. Pete is not happy.
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue.
Author Notes: I worked so hard to make this chapter long for you guys! I was all "just keep writing, just keep writing". So I hope you enjoy.
Warnings: Pissy Pete, intimidation.

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Author's Note: Sorry it's been a while, guys. The next chapter shouldn't be long; it's all written, just needs to be typed up. Enjoy my attempt at a longer chapter!


Patrick watches as Jade taps her knee compulsively, until he can’t take it anymore and leans over, pressing her hand down flat with his own.
She looks at him, biting her lip.
“Will you calm down?” Patrick says, “It’s going to be fine.”
Jade sighs, pulling her hand out from under Patrick’s to smooth her dress for the millionth time.
“I just…I don’t know if I really want to…‘face the public’, you know?”
“Jade, you can’t deny this is perfect for our plan.”
Jade looks out the car window, biting her lip again.
“Oh shit, I think we’re here.”

Walking the red carpet is not an experience that Jade wishes to repeat.
The bright flashes from the camera of the paparazzi almost blind her as she steps from the car; she grips Patrick’s hand, disorientated.

Then the questions begin;
“Patrick, is this your new girlfriend?”
“What’s her name, Patrick?”
“Will you give us a sound-bite, honey?”
“Patrick, what do you say to claims you were in a relationship with Pete Wentz?”
“Is it true you’re engaged?”

Patrick just smiles, squeezing Jade’s hand, “We’re very happy, this looks to be the beginning of something special.”
The camera flashes go crazy, desperate to capture Patrick Stump with his mysterious date.
Jade glances up the red carpet, half-hoping to find an escape route, when she locks eyes with Pete.
He does not look happy at all.

Jade sips from the glass of champagne that she doesn’t want to drink and scans the room for Patrick.
He told her he’d only be a minute and Jade knows she’s being dependent, but she feels so uncomfortable her.
As she scans the room, she wonders how many of the glamorously dressed celebrities and hangers-on really care about the charity they’re all supposed to be there to support.
She’s wrapped up in these thoughts and jumps quite violently when she suddenly feels a hand on her arm.
She turns to see Pete, his eyes gleaming dangerously and a truly scary fake smile on his face.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” he hisses, the artificial smile not leaving his face.
“I’m Patrick’s date” Jade honestly feels a little scared, thought she knows there’s not much Pete can do in the public environment.
Or so she thinks.
“Like hell you are” Pete growls and pulls Jade hard against him, kissing her violently.
Jade hears dozens of cameras going off before she can pull away and with everyone now watching them intently, there’s nothing she can do.
Its then that she spots Patrick, halfway across the room, staring at her, and she knows that he think just the same as all the paparazzi.
That she wanted that kiss.

“Patrick,” Jade begins as soon as they’re both back in their hotel room, “He kissed me.”
“You weren’t exactly protesting.”
“What was I supposed to do with all those cameras and people watching?”
“Oh, I don’t know, expose Pete for the cretin he really is? Strike the ultimate blow in this fight against him? Something like that.” Patrick says in a sarcastic, brittle voice.
Jade falls silent, the thought had crossed her mind, but she’d felt so panicked.
“I – “ she begins, though she’s unsure of what she could say.
“Look, just forget about it,” Patrick says, “I’m going to bed.”

After an hour or so of sitting in the armchair in the corner of the hotel room, staring out the window and replying the night in her mind, Jade sighs, pulls on a hoodie and heads for the elevator.
She presses ‘Roof’ and sighs, leaning back against the elevator wall as it lurches into motion, carrying her up.

“Like hell you are.”

Pete’s words echoes in her mind; why did he feel as if he owned her?
Jade found herself wishing she’d never come across Pete Wentz, or rather, that he had never come across her.

The city lights spread out around the hotel as Jade leans against the wall surrounding the roof, looking out over them.
She sighs, resting her chin on her hand and nearly jumps out of her skin when a hand grips her shoulder.
For the second time that night, she turns to face Pete.
“What do you want, Pete? Haven’t you done enough?”
“What do you mean?” Pete smirks.
“You know exactly what; your little stunt at the event.”
Pete looks confused, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jade. I was only laying claim to my property.”
“I am not your property! What the hell is wrong with you?!”
“Oh Jade, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”
Jade looks at him, confused by his sudden change of heart. Her previous Pete Wentz experiences tell her to proceed with caution.
“You what?” she asks.
“I’m sorry” Pete repeats, casually slinging an arm around her shoulders and pulling her tight against him.
Jade doesn’t quite know what to makes of this, but she does know that being close to Pete makes her uncomfortable.
She pulls away as gently as she can, no longer on the attack, but on her guard.
“Well, uh, thanks. I’d better go get some sleep” she says.
As she turns to make her way back to the elevator, Pete calls after her.
“Oh, Jade? Give Patrick a hug for me when you get to bed. That is, if he’ll still let you in his bed.”
Jade clenches her fists and walks on, leaving Pete smirking behind her.

Jade sits down on the edge of the bed that Patrick is lying in, pretending to be asleep.
She knows he’s not really asleep because he’s not making any of those snuffling sort of noises that remind her of an elephant and that she secretly finds quite adorable.
“Patrick,” she says, “I know you’re awake.”
When he doesn’t react, she goes on, “I’m sorry I didn’t push Pete off me and yell at him in front of everyone. I was…scared.”
Silence stretches between them until suddenly Jade hears, “I know.”
Patrick hasn’t opened his eyes and Jade watches his face more intently, wondering if she imagined his words.
“So…I know it could have been an important step in the plan and I’m sorry” she tries.
This time Patrick opens his eyes to look up at her, “I know.”
Jade lies down next to him, “Is it…okay if I still sleep here?”
“Jade! I could hardly kick you out could I?”
“Well…you could, actually” she replies.
“Don’t tempt me” Patrick says, only half joking.
They both fall silent, an unspoken mutual decision to try and get some sleep.
Jade moves tentatively closer to Patrick and curls her body against his back.
Patrick smiles to himself as he falls asleep.
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