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First thing I've written in a while

Title: Sick Days
Pairing: Jeph(The Used)/Billy(Good Charlote)
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Jeph is sick and Billy is staying with him. Yep, it has been used with so many different pairings, but that is OK with me.

Hmm...Hope you like it. Ending sucks, but it's the best I could do. I can't write good boy-sex. Over at fandomination, my username is lonelygirl.

Someone (Quinn?) once said that he and I pass as brothers, but I have a hard time believing that. The only thing similar about us is that we are both pale and have black hair. Other than that, we are complete opposites. Jeph was beautiful and perfect and everything any guy could have ever hoped to be. It also happened that at this very moment, Jeph was huddled against me with a box of tissues on one side of him and a blanket pulled up to his chin.

Everyone else had gone out and that left me, and a very sick Jeph, alone, in the back of Good Charlotte's tour bus. His red rested against my shoulder and I savored this moment because under any other circumstances, Jeph would not allow himself to be held by his openly bisexual friend. But it was OK for now because he was sick and weak and shaking. I could hear the light clicking of his teeth chattering and when I looked over at him, sweat covered his face. "Jeph. Jeph, wake up."

His eyes opened slowly and he briefly looked at me before lazily dropping his head on to my chest. "Are you OK?" I whispered. He shook his head "no" and adjusted his body closer to mine. Jeph melted perfectly into me and I wanted to do him then and there, even if it meant I would become as sick as he was.

The entire tour he had been flirting with me, but then he would be the first guy to go off with a strange girl. And those nights, the ones were I saw him disappear into his tour bus with a girl clutching his hand, were a killer.

I rested my chin on the top of his head and rubbed small circles on his back. Tomorrow Jeph had a doctors appointment where he was going to get some shot in his ass which basically meant that tonight was the only night I could have him. I could feel his breath on my neck as he tilted his head up, "I can't get back to sleep."

"Just lay down. You'll be alright," I told him as I lifted him off my chest and layed him down on the couch. Kneeling beside Jeph, I pushed the hair away from his eyes and rested the palm of my hand against his cheek. "I'll come check on you in a little while."

Before I could leave, Jeph's hand shot around and grabbed my wrist. "If you leave me like this, as soon as I get better, I'm going to kick your scrawny bisexual ass." Jeph rolled on to his side and pressed his back againstt the opposite side of the couch.

"You expect me to sleep there?"

"Billy you weigh fuckin' six pounds. Now I'm sick and lonely and you better lay next to me."

"Fine," I said, "but only because blood-shot eyes turn me on."

"Go to hell," Jeph said into the fabric of my shirt as he cuddled himself closer to me.

There was complete silence for a minute before Jeph repeated, "I'm lonely." I could feel his finger tips brushing against the small of my back. "And it's so damn hard."

"What is?" I asked.

"Having to lie to everyone. Billy, I'm gay too."

Pleasebeserious. Pleasebeserious.

His skin felt so warm as I ran my hand thru his hair and let it rest on the back of his neck. And then, there in the back of our tour bus, I let Jeph have me. Even in his doped up on Nyquil state, he took control and did everything perfectly.

Positioning me on my back and him on top of me, Jeph kissed across my jaw line to my ear. "There's a good chance you'll get sick," he said, biting down lightly on my ear lobe. "Believe me, I don't care," I assured him. Teasing me, Jeph kissed everyone but my mouth: my cheeks, my forehead, my eyelids, my upper lip. Taking his face in my hands, I pulled his head to mine and our lips crashed together. A feeling I've never had rushed thru my body, putting all of my senses on high alert. Easing my body u slowly, I got into a position where I was sitting up and Jeph was resting on my thighs.

Gripping the bottom of his t-shirt, I pulled it over his head and threw it to the floor. He did the same before lacing his fingers with mine and laying me back down. The contact of skin on skin was driving me insane and Jeph grinding his hips down on to mine were doing nothing to help the erection I knew I had. Reluctantly, I pushed Jeph's shoulders back and stopped him from kissing my neck. "Tomorrow."

"What?" Jeph asked, looking highly confused.

"We can do this tomorrow. After you've had the shot and you're thinking clearly," I explained.

"Oh you have got to be kidding to me."

"I think you'll regret this tomorrow if we do it now, but if we wait until you feel better and are actually in a normal state of mind and you still decide you want to do this, then will do it."

"God damn it you suck," Jeph said as he collapsed on top of me.

I pulled the blanket we had kicked on to floor and wrapped it around the both of us. With his arms resting on either side of my head, Jeph kissed me again. "I hate you," he said.

"I love you too, Jeph"

"Fuck off. G'night."

"Night Jeph."

With that, his head hit my chest and all his muscles relaxed. I watched as his whole body moved up and down with the movements of my chest. "Feel better," I whispered, kissing the top of his head and wrapping my arms around him, drifting off into my own deep-sleep.

*The End*

-If you want the graphic sex ending, ask because I'll email it to those who do-

if we go down we go down together,

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