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slashy punk boys
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Some content in this community may contain adult themes. All fiction is rated appropriately. Please follow age restrictions.


slashy punk boys is a community designed to SLASH the guys from our favorite bands: punk, pop punk, emo, emocore, emopunk... okay, you get the point. We're talking fanfiction, pictures of our boys, manips, poems, whatever. If you don't know what slash is, you're definitely in the wrong place.

All stories require the following:
Title - Unless you're awesome like Brand New and can get away with an Untitled one. But it must state...'Untitled'
Author - We prefer a link to your LJ
Pairing - Full names would help, since not everyone may get who M/G is.
Rating - Be smart.
Summary - A valid one. No...'Just read' or 'I suck at summaries'. Give us something. This is my pet peeve so please, have a summary.
Warnings - Be intelligent with these. Some people are sensitive to certain subject...i.e. rape, self harm, murder, suicide, incest, etc.
Disclaimer - We know it's not real. But you'd be suprised who doesn't.

The following are optional, but should follow the rules provided:

Dedications or A/N's - Keep these to a decent length. There is no need to thank your hamster or list out everyone on LJ who's ever said a nice thing to you.

<*lj-cut> or <*lj-cut text="*Whatever your title is..."> If you want your cut to have words other than Read More.



Remove the stars and you have your code.


1. When posting, stay on topic. We don't want to see posts about your cat or how bored you are, or that you're looking for a beta. We don't care about this song you wrote, or that you need inspiration. We want to see fanfiction. We want to see the guys' pretty faces. Please steer clear from anything other than this. Even posts explaining why you haven't updated or the like. If your post comes off as too off topic, it will be deleted.

2. Post all fiction/pictures under an LJ cut. With fiction, make sure to describe what it is, who the pairings are, the rating, etc. All too often I'll see a cut to a story that I know nothing about because some of this information is left out. Please include it all, especially warnings. If your story has a death at the end that you don't want to reveal, at least say your story is a tear jerker. Not everyone likes to be tricked into a death fic. Also, all graphics should be placed behind a cut. This includes those clever little story banners that seem to be popular.

3. Do not argue, bitch or whine if something doesn't go the way you like it. Instead of fighting with another member, come to us about it.

4. When leaving feedback, be nice, but be constructive. "OMG I LOVE IT" doesn't help the author, it just boosts their ego. While this is good at times, the author will never improve if they don't know they're not perfect. On the other hand, do not put down someone's writing just because you didn't like it. Even if it sucks, leave the most constructive review you can without insulting the writer or the work.

5. Find A Fic posts are okay, but make sure to add something slashy in just to keep it all right. Usually posts where a response is given will be deleted after a little while.

6. Spell check. Spell check. Spell check. Use a beta reader. If you're looking for a beta reader, see links below.

7. Don't rip off anyone else. Be creative, share, all those great things, but don't be petty. We want things to be creative and different around here.

-Advertise your comm in moderation. Once a week being the max.
-Don't beg. Begging doesn't make people want to join.
-Make sure your comm is creative and different from everything else we see. That will draw in a bigger audience.
-Spellcheck. Spellcheck.
-Make sure your links work.
-Have SOMETHING slash related. It's not that hard to have something slash related. Also, ALL information must be placed behind a cut. We tried to be nice, but it didn't work out.

9. Don't spam the community with updates. I can understand wanting to update your story twice in a day, but over that is just annoying. Even with reviews that say "update RIGHT NOW", I'm sure they'll live until the next day for you to get a new chapter up. If there are more than three updates of your story in one day, you will get a warning.

10. If you want your stories to be included in the SPB archive...
- Make sure that there is a rating and pairing (band names included if they're obscure) above your LJ-cut
- If it is chaptered, it will only be archived once it is completed, and there must be a clear indication above the cut that it is the last chapter AND there must be separate links to all previous chapters on the same post.
- If you would like to make our archiving as easy as possible you can use the exact title of your story as the subject of your post. But it's not necessary if you'd rather not.

11. Have fun, and if there are any questions or comments, please contact the maintainers.

Have an off-topic post? Trying to find a fic? Looking for an old fic that you read a long time ago? Make it legal with a slash rec, a picture, a story, a quip, just something slash related. ALL information must be behind an LJ cut.

Updated list of Mods and Maintainers:

x_stoked_x riotgirl_921@yahoo.com

alien_grlfriend cakerobot@tmail.com

dejectedmadness squishy_bunns@hotmail.com

like_a_movie cecilia.lima7284@gmail.com

Update to the rules can be found here by viewing this post and this one this post.

1. Check the SPB archives
2. Use the SPB search bar above
3. Post over at find_a_fic

If you still haven't found it...
Post the information here WITH legality.


Make sure you understand these before you join. Most people already know, but we would prefer to have an opened membership with intelligent people.

1. Slash: The pairing of usually two or more males. Also called m/m. May have sexually implied themes. Keep this in mind when joining.

2. Cut Tag: Use the tag here (number 3) to post images and large fiction under it.

3. Beta reader: Someone who edits your work upon your request (or bribe).

Looking for a beta?
Check out the list of lovely, ready and willing beta writers HERE.

Find other fanfiction terms HERE.

Slashy Punk Boys Beta Directory:
Find a beta, or BE a beta!

•Looking for a beta reader? Try beta_search.
•Other slash communities:
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a_bandomeme - Bandom comm for request/suggestion comment fics

Let us know if you'd like your comm to be added.


Check out the results from our monthly graphic contests, maintained by mods dejectedmadness and dimmingdivine!

slashypunkboys's Header Contest: December 1, 2007 to January 1, 2008

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slashypunkboys's Header Contest: December 16, 2007 to January 15, 2008

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